Third birthday

To Ella, On Your Third Birthday

To Ella,

Wow, am I one proud mum!  Ella, you are one brilliant little three year old!

I can hardly believe it’s been three years since you made me a mum, though I can also barely remember my life without you as part of it.  You’ve changed so much over the past year.  You’re really growing up and are showing really grown up characteristics like empathy, patience (sometimes!), and putting others first.

You are at an age where you know what you want.  You can’t have it all the time (especially if it’s chocolate for breakfast!), which you sometimes struggle with.  You know what you want to wear, where you want to go, what you want to eat!  You are definitely opinionated!  You adore being around others, especially other children, and get really upset when you have to leave their company.  You are a sociable little lady, though it does take you a little while to warm up.  You tend to hide behind my legs, fingers in mouth, until you feel comfortable to get stuck in.

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Sienna One Year

To Sienna, On Your First Birthday

To Sienna,

My little beauty, I can not believe you are already a year old!!!  Where has that year gone?!

I vividly remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, and the amazing feeling of lying skin-to-skin with you.  I felt so incredibly bonded to you, and still do.  We have a special relationship you and I.  From only days old, you struggled to settle for anyone but me.  You spent a lot of time in my arms, while you were still light enough to hold for any length of time.  I would rock you back and forth and you found a way of nuzzling in to my chest for comfort.  The hours spent constantly feeding, chaining me to the sofa!  Those early weeks are slowly fading from my memory, but I never want to forget how you wanted to be nowhere but with me.  Especially when you’re a teenager and the opposite will be true!

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Ordinary Moments #27 – 2nd Birthday Fun

This week, Ella turned two.  The years have whizzed by since she was born.  And yet it seems so long ago since she was a baby. Sienna being here has brought it all back. She’s so similar in looks to Ella as a baby, in the sleepy hours I sometimes find myself flashing back to Ella’s newborn baby days.

And now I have a walking, talking two year old!

It was Ella’s birthday on Thursday, which is usually her nursery day.  As my sister was flying over that day and I needed to pick her up in Ella’s usual nap time, and as she loves nursery so much, I decided to send her in as usual.

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To Ella, On Your Second Birthday

To Ella,

So you’ve now been here a whole two years!!! 

It’s amazing how much you can change in a year. There’s the obvious physical things, taller, stronger, longer hair, steady on your feet, nearly all of your teeth (finally!).  

But then there’s all the developmental stuff that we’ve seen snowball this past year. You can now say loads of words. You know the names of at least 20 different animals, and can point them out in books. You have a few sentences you can say, like ‘daddy’s gone to work’!  While there’s loads of words you can say, there’s also the ones that only me and your dad can decipher!

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Ordinary Moments #13 – Birthday Fun

Last week I turned 30!!  You can read more about how I felt about it and reminiscing on my twenties by clicking here.

I didn’t expect to really celebrate it much.  To me, celebrating and drinking go hand in hand!  But at 8 months pregnant, that wasn’t really an option!  So, it was a sober sedate celebration!

Me and Sean took a trip to London a few weeks ago as his birthday present to me and to celebrate.  So I really didn’t have any expectations at all for the week.

But it turned in to a fab week!

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