Christmas 2015

Our Christmas 2015

Wow does Christmas seem like a distant memory now!  I didn’t do any blogging between Christmas and New Year, so I’m on memory catch up now, getting them down before they are memories no more!

We spent Christmas at home in Manchester this year.  My family live in the Isle of Man, so we are often over there for Christmas.  Much as I missed my family, I am glad we were at home this Christmas.  I feel that December was quite a tough month, with Sienna waking lots, Ella waking some nights too, and me really not getting anywhere near enough sleep.  So, it was really nice to relax at home over Christmas, without having to pack everything up and head over the (often rough) sea!  We made the best decision ever about a week before Christmas to stop Ella napping in the day.  This meant she was flat out asleep by about 6.30pm and wasn’t waking at all until around 7am the next day!  One child sleep improved!!!  Sienna’s sleep also started to improve by Christmas week, so things really were on the up!!

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