Date Night at wagamama

We haven’t had many date nights recently.  The girls have both been poorly, and I feel hard of asking anyone to look after them when I can picture them crying for us when we’re out.  Plus, life has been busy!  I was really pleased when we were invited to try out the relatively new wagamama at The Trafford Centre, as it meant we HAD to get out together, just us two.  So, last night, that is what we did!

Wagamama opened in The Trafford Centre in October 2015.  It’s the largest wagamama site in the company, and has a mezzanine floor.  They’ve recently released a new menu, including build your own ramen, so it was great to be able to try it out.  I actually haven’t been in a wagamama since I was a student, ten years ago!  And Sean has never been!!  I think it’s easy to get in to a comfort zone, or to rule something out as ‘not for us’.  But now we’ve broken the wagamama seal, I can confirm it definitely is for us!!!

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The Ordinary Moments #41 – Remembering Us

I remember in my first year at uni, lots of the parents of students I met separated not long after they went off to uni.  It struck me that some parents couldn’t remember how to be in a relationship with each other without their children around. Their relationship had become so focused on their children, that there was nothing left without the kids there.

Me and Sean have a brilliant relationship. One that feels effortless, and yet we both put work and commitment in to without thinking about it. And one that has changed a lot since having children.

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