A Weekend at Flamingo Land

Much as a bit of sunshine and heat is always very much welcome (says she who is just back from a hen weekend in Marrakesh!), sometimes sticking close to home can be just as good.  I think we’ve realised that going away with a one year old and a three year old is just not what we want to do.  Flights, heat, shared hotel rooms and trying to get them to sleep, just don’t appeal.  And that’s not even considering the cost of going abroad.  So, we’ve definitely found ourselves being far more open to staycations since we had the girls.

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Holidaying in Europe and Our Future Dreams

Sometimes, it’s too easy to look for the sun.  Especially when the weather is as grim as it is right now (who stole Spring?!).  We often dream about heading to Spain or Portugal, getting a bit of heat on our faces and sun on our backs.  But all too often, once we’re there, it’s the exploring we enjoy more.

I love that holidaying in Europe gives you a bit of both.  There’s the promise of all day sun in the Mediterranean.  And then there’s the beautiful cities to explore too – Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, and so, so many more.

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easter weekend

My Surprise Easter Weekend Holiday

It’s been a whole week already since I woke up from a mini lie in on Good Friday, my birthday, with Sean, Ella and Sienna laden with gifts!  My best present – a surprise weekend away!

I had had very fleeting suspicions that Sean might be taking me away for the weekend.  The odd little comment that got me thinking.  But I dismissed it.  I wondered who would look after the kids for the whole weekend, and whether Sean would want to be away from them when he had a few days off work to spend with them.  It didn’t stop me having daydreams of Paris, Amsterdam, or maybe even New York!!

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The Ordinary Moments #33 – Food Poisoning

This week’s ordinary moments is ridiculously late! And that’s because we are just coming to the end of our holiday in Ireland. I’ve had little internet access, so it’s meant a break from blogging and social media! 

Our trip didn’t get off to the finest start!! We were due to leave Manchester to head for Holyhead to get the ferry at 4pm last Friday. At about 6pm on the Thursday, Ella started with really bad diarrhoea. I put it down to a bug and hoped it would take no more than 24 hours to clear.

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isle of man

The Ordinary Moments #29 – Isle of Man Holiday

I grew up in the Isle of Man and all my family still live there, so we regularly go over to stay with them.  In fact, I’d still call it home despite not having lived there for twelve years.

We’ve not been over since Christmas, with me being pregnant and us then having a newborn baby.

So we were long overdue a visit, which we finally made last week!

Ella was 18 months at our last visit, and I noticed a real difference this time in how she was over there.  For a start, she kept saying ‘holiday’ over and over.  She knew we were away from home, which I don’t think she’d really acknowledged last time.

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Haven Holiday

Holidaying in Great Britain with Haven Holidays

Me and Sean are both big fans of getting away on holiday.  But it’s certainly not easy taking a toddler abroad, let alone a toddler and a newborn baby!

So, when Haven invited us to enjoy a few days on one of their holiday parks, we jumped at the chance!

We chose to go to Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, as it was only a couple of hours drive away, but in a part of the country we’ve never really been to.

We left Friday afternoon at around 12.30pm.  It was great timing, as we were all fed, and both girls usually nap at that time, so most of the journey was spent with both girls fast asleep!

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