Those Newborn Days Are Gone

It’s just occurred to me today that I no longer have a newborn baby.

Sienna certainly doesn’t look newborn any more.  In fact, I think she only really looked newborn for around the first week of her life, as she is a big girl!  And she no longer acts like a newborn either.

I’ve not really acknowledged it happening, but the traits of that newborn stage are long gone too.  They say the first few months of a baby’s life should be classed as the fourth trimester.  They favour the conditions they are used to in the womb – white noise, being held close, their mother’s heartbeat.  Looking back over my Instagram pictures, so many of them are with Sienna fast asleep in my arms.  She wouldn’t be put down.  She wanted the comfort, and typically that comfort had to be me.

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Sienna four weeks

Sienna’s First Four Weeks

Sienna is four weeks old today, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back on how those four weeks have been.

We came home the same day Sienna was born and, in some strange way, it almost felt like life just got back to normal!

As most newborns do, Sienna spent her first few days mainly sleeping. And when she wasn’t sleeping, she was feeding!  Sometimes that feeding felt like it was nonstop.  I spent hours with Sienna attached to me.  I struggled with supply with Ella, so knew the right thing to do was go with Sienna’s demands so that my supply increased.

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Ready to go walk the dog!

The Ordinary Moments #23 – Not Doing Much

Sienna has slotted in to our family life with relative ease!  There have been numerous occasions where I’ve been pinned to the chair feeding her non-stop, while we settle in to breastfeeding.  And of course, there’s the getting up in the night to feed her too.

But otherwise, there doesn’t really feel like there has been a vast change in our lives since Sienna came along almost 3 weeks ago.

The one thing I have noticed though is that I’m not doing as much as I usually would.  I had been blogging about 3 times a week.  The blog has definitely taken a back seat!  I’m just about managing to get my Ordinary Moments done every week!  And I wanted to get Sienna’s birth story up before I forgot what that birth story was!  I keep thinking of posts, then the day passes and I’ve just not had chance!

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