Siblings (October ’16)

I feel that in a lot of ways, the relationship between Ella and Sienna hasn’t really changed that much since Sienna was a tiny baby.  They both love each other immensely.  Like some crazy bond, that only blood can bring.  They really are a unit.  It’s not just about time spent together.  There’s something more to it than that.  Some primal need to be near each other, but just far enough away too!

One thing that hasn’t really changed in any of my siblings posts since Sienna was born, is how we need to constantly remind Ella to be gentle with her.  I thought at first it was about Ella learning the fragility of a baby, when she was really only one herself, still being 1 when Sienna was born.  But it really hasn’t changed.  She’s still rough with her!  So, I wonder if it is actually just Ella’s nature.  She loves her so fiercely that she wants to squeeze her and squeeze her and squeeze her.  To the point where she isn’t really hearing Sienna’s cries to be released, that escalate and escalate.  If I’m in another room and can hear Sienna crying, I can almost guarantee that it is because Ella has a grip of her!

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Siblings (August ’16)

Hurray!  I’m just managing to squeeze my siblings post in before the month is out!!!  Determined to never miss one of these!

So, I ended last month’s siblings post pondering whether Sienna would be walking by the next one.  And I can now reveal that….

SHE IS!!!!

About two weeks ago, Sienna took about 4 steps for the first time.  She’s been cruising around furniture and walls, and charging along with her walker or holding a finger tip, for months now. Despite barely holding on, she just didn’t have the confidence to let go.  Then one day, she found it.  And we all cheered.  And sent her walking from one of us to the next and cheered each time.  And she was soooo happy!  From then, she’s really nailed it.  I think so much cruising practice has done her well, and she’s already really steady and not crawling any more at all.  It’s so strange to see a baby turn instantly into a toddler, walking around unaided!

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sibling July

Siblings (July ’16)

My girls both seem to be growing up so fast at the moment.  Ella is so tall, and easily looks like she’s starting school in September rather than pre-school.  I’m sure she’ll be one of the tallest in her year, despite being one of the youngest.  And Sienna suddenly seems much less baby like.  She is also a tall girl.  They seem to have found a tall gene somewhere between their ‘average height’ mum and dad!

Sienna is still not walking.  She’s getting much closer though.  She can walk holding just one hand, will happily launch herself from one person to the next, taking a few falling steps as she goes, and pushes her walker along confidently.  But let go of her hand as she’s walking along, and she’ll instantly drop to the floor.  She just hasn’t quite got the courage yet to go for it.  She’ll be 14 months tomorrow.  I have a tendency to say to people that I’m in no rush for her to walk, but it is a mini lie.  I think that hers and Ella’s relationship will bloom once Sienna is up and walking.  Though I have no worries about when she’ll hit any milestone.  Each child is different, and I do believe they do things when they are ready to, and there’s no point trying to push them in to it.

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Siblings June

Siblings (June ’16)

Hello!  Do you remember me?  I write on this little ‘ol blog now and again!!!

I’m really sorry I’ve not been around much recently.  Life has got a bit busier, and sometimes the blog has to give.  And sometimes, I just don’t feel the blogging joy and don’t make time for it.  But then when I write, I realise I love it, so I’m sure after this post I’ll be back on track!

Every month since Sienna’s birth I have written a siblings post, joining in with Dear Beautiful’s siblings project.  Usually, they’re published on the 15th of the month, or maybe a couple of days late at worst.  This month, I’m a good few days late, but thankfully still getting it out there before the end of the month.  These posts are important to me, particularly as they push me to take pictures of the girls together every month.  Pictures which now adorn our walls!

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siblings april

Siblings (April ’16)

This month has seen quite a drastic change in the girls’ relationship with each other.  The main reason for this is that Sienna has started crawling.  I knew it would be a turning point for them.  I remember when Sienna started sitting up, it causing a similar shift in their relationship.  The more Sienna can do that Ella can, the more Ella finds she can relate to her.

Ella now wants Sienna to move around with her.  She encourages Sienna to follow her.  And, more often than not, it is Ella that is following Sienna round.  Ella mimics Sienna’s crawling, getting down on her level, and moving alongside her, which Sienna absolutely loves.  The giggles that come from both girls’ mouths are so infectious.

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siblings march

Siblings (March ’16)

I can feel myself really willing time on at the moment.  Most parents cling to the baby days, and I do have some moments when I want Sienna to stop growing so fast.  But I’m so keen now for her to be able to really play with Ella.  They do already play together to a degree.  Ella will throw all her bricks on the floor and demand that Sienna sits with her and ‘play bricks’.  Of course, their idea of playing bricks is completely different, with Ella building something and Sienna bashing bricks together, but Ella loves that they are playing together with the same toy.

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Siblings January

Siblings (January ’16)

The first siblings post of the year!  The girls had such a good Christmas together, and now have a mountain of toys. And of course, they have to play with the same toys.  Ella is showing so much interest in Sienna’s baby toys, purely because Sienna is playing with them.  She’s slowly learning about sharing!

The girls are, yet again, more interactive with each other, and the apple of each other’s eye!!  Sienna’s face lights up as soon as she sees Ella.  Ella still doesn’t want Sienna to go for a nap.  And they really are starting to become proper buddies.  They’ll giggle and giggle together while rolling round on the floor.  And Sienna is so much more sturdy to deal with Ella’s bear hugs.  It’s meaning there are fewer tears, from both of them, and I can finally leave them for a few seconds on their own while I go grab something from the kitchen or upstairs.  I wouldn’t have dared upto now!

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December Siblings

Siblings (December ’15)

We’re fast approaching Sienna’s first and Ella’s third Christmas.  Too fast if you ask my Christmas shopping list, which has far fewer ticks than I’d like!!!  And this post marks the seventh month of siblings!

The girls really are closer than ever.  They are so much more interactive with each other now.  Sienna is sitting with ease, and rarely falls over (though often gets pushed….!).  This has definitely given Ella more opportunity to play with Sienna, sitting with her on the floor and playing with the same toys.  I think it’s also given Ella the impression that Sienna is also a play thing for her, as she’ll regularly wrestle her for a cuddle!!  Sienna doesn’t seem to mind, even if it leads to Ella often being put on the naughty step!!

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November Siblings

Siblings (November ’15)

I feel that this month has seen a bit of a turning point in the girl’s relationship.  They are now so much more interactive with each other.  There obviously is such a huge gap between them developmentally, despite the relatively small age gap.  But, as Sienna develops more and more, Ella is finding it much easier to interact with her.  In fact, she craves that interaction!  Sienna can now sit unaided, which has really helped Ella relate to her more.  As soon as I sit Sienna on the floor with a toy, Ella joins her and helps her to play with the toy.  Occasionally, she steals it and won’t let Sienna have it, which of course then involves a conversation about sharing.  But this is new to Ella too.  Sienna is only just beginning to play, and so now Ella must learn to share more than just our affection with Sienna.

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maternity leave

Maternity Leave with Number Two


I’m really noticing how completely different maternity leave is this time round.

When Ella was a baby, I really enjoyed my maternity leave. Ella was one of those dream babies. Don’t get me wrong, she had her moments. But mostly she was pretty predictable in how each day would go, when she’d feed and when she’d sleep.

I run my own business, and when Ella was a baby, I started working again during my maternity leave, managing to get a few hours done every day while she was napping. I kept on top of the washing, as there were only three of us and her clothes were diddy. The house wasn’t taken over by toys, as baby Ella just had her play gym and a few small toys.

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