Siblings (August ’15)

My girls have now been siblings for three whole months!

I can’t help half wishing the time away. Sienna is growing too rapidly, which certainly makes me a little sad. But Ella is desperate for some company!  Sienna isn’t much company to her at the moment. They can’t have a natter or play together, but I know we’re only a few months away from them at least being able to have a bit more interaction. 

Ella has started to show a little jealousy towards her sister. She sometimes tries to push her away when she’s feeding, and suddenly wants me to pick her up if I’m carrying Sienna. I don’t mind as I think it’s really good for Ella to learn that she can’t always have everything her own way. The joy of a sibling is learning about sharing, even if at the moment that means sharing my affection rather than toys.

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siblings june

Siblings (June ’15)

Now I’m a mum of two, I’ve decided to get involved with the siblings project and share pictures and thoughts on my girls and their growing relationship each month.

There are less than two years between Ella and Sienna.  I think the gap will feel less and less as they grow older together.  While Ella is getting more articulate every day and able to communicate more and more with us, Sienna is obviously just a few weeks old.  As such, there’s not much opportunity right now for them to grow their relationship.  But already, Ella obviously adores her baby sister.

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