siblings june

Siblings (June ’15)

Now I’m a mum of two, I’ve decided to get involved with the siblings project and share pictures and thoughts on my girls and their growing relationship each month.

There are less than two years between Ella and Sienna.  I think the gap will feel less and less as they grow older together.  While Ella is getting more articulate every day and able to communicate more and more with us, Sienna is obviously just a few weeks old.  As such, there’s not much opportunity right now for them to grow their relationship.  But already, Ella obviously adores her baby sister.

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The Ordinary Moments #22 – Becoming a Sister

Ella has been a big sister for 11 days now. And so far, it seems to really suit her!

I was never comfortable with her bring an only child. I know how great it is to grow up with your siblings, and it was our intention from day one to give her a sibling, and not to have too large a gap between the two of them.  

Ella would point at my tummy during pregnancy, when we asked her where the baby was.  But I think she was too young to understand that the baby would soon be on the outside.  

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