Turn Brush-Time Into Fun-Time This Red Nose Day

I’ve become very conscious of my dental hygiene recently.  I floss nightly, use interdental brushes and make sure I brush my teeth for two minutes both morning and night.  And it’s made me think even more about the health of the girls’ teeth.    Research has shown that Brits only brush their teeth for an average of 45 seconds each time.  And I’d be surprised if the girls even do it for that long.  Sienna will happily chew her toothbrush for ages, but when it comes to brushing, it’s a different matter.

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Protecting Children’s Teeth from Acid Erosion

There are a few tasks that I just don’t enjoy as a parent – cutting nails, dealing with up-the-back attacks, and, teeth brushing!!!  Ella has struggled with teeth brushing since she has had teeth.  She hates it!  We’ve tried everything from playing toothbrushing songs to her while she brushes them, teaching her to do it herself rather than us doing it, and giving her lots and lots and lots of praise when she either allows us to do it or gets it right herself.

We seem to have finally hit a point where she will do some tooth brushing herself and then let me finish them off and make sure the job is done properly.  It’s such a relief as, no matter how much we’d like to limit naughties like sweets, cake and juice, they creep in to her diet more often than we’d like.  So, it’s really important that we do as much as possible to protect her cute little toothie pegs!

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The Ordinary Moments #18 – Them Teeth

I don’t think you realise how dominating teeth can be before you become a parent!  

When Ella was about 3 months old, I remember us starting to blame things on her teething.  Bit grumpy? Teething!  Dribbly?  Teething!  Pink cheeks?  Teething!

The reality was that Ella didn’t get her first tooth til she was 11 months old! Highly unlikely those 3 month old symptoms were anything to do with her teeth!

Now, at 22 months old, Ella only has 10 teeth.  She’s been slow to cut her teeth.  And she has cut them in a non-typical manner!  She has 4 teeth on the bottom, but a big gap after the bottom two before the molars.  She’s a little gummy bear, and I love her cute little bottom two teeth!

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