A Weekend at Flamingo Land

Much as a bit of sunshine and heat is always very much welcome (says she who is just back from a hen weekend in Marrakesh!), sometimes sticking close to home can be just as good.  I think we’ve realised that going away with a one year old and a three year old is just not what we want to do.  Flights, heat, shared hotel rooms and trying to get them to sleep, just don’t appeal.  And that’s not even considering the cost of going abroad.  So, we’ve definitely found ourselves being far more open to staycations since we had the girls.

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My Favourite Moments

There are so many amazing moments in life. I don’t mean days or weeks. I mean moments. A few minutes or hours at most. Those moments we’ll never forget. That we look back on with so much fondness.

I thought I’d list 10 of the favourite moments of my life so far. I’ve probably missed some out and may need to do a follow up at some point!! They are in chronological order, but the first is from when I was 18. I’m sure I had many more before then, but maybe my memory of them is too blurry!

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The Ordinary Moments #34 – Long Car Journeys with Small Kids

We are just back from our holiday in Ireland!  I will write a separate post about it, but the gist is that we went to Dingle in Kerry with all of Sean’s family for his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary!

One thing that I guess I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for was all the driving! Crazy as it may sound, we could have got to Mexico quicker than it took us to get to Dingle!

The journey was around a 2.5 hour drive to Holyhead, a three hour ferry and a 4.5 hour drive to Dingle! Both there and back we decided to stay in Dublin overnight after and before the ferry to break up the journey.

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Haven Holiday

Holidaying in Great Britain with Haven Holidays

Me and Sean are both big fans of getting away on holiday.  But it’s certainly not easy taking a toddler abroad, let alone a toddler and a newborn baby!

So, when Haven invited us to enjoy a few days on one of their holiday parks, we jumped at the chance!

We chose to go to Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, as it was only a couple of hours drive away, but in a part of the country we’ve never really been to.

We left Friday afternoon at around 12.30pm.  It was great timing, as we were all fed, and both girls usually nap at that time, so most of the journey was spent with both girls fast asleep!

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