mission sleep

Mission Sleep

I’m on a mission.  My deadline is 20th May.  The mission is to….GET….MORE….SLEEP!

Why that deadline?  Well, that is the day that Sienna turns 1 year old (how the heck is she nearly one already?!).  In her 10 months on this planet, it’s safe to say that Sienna’s sleep hasn’t been great.  As a newborn she was typical, some nights just one wake up, most nights two, the odd night 3 or 4, and the even odder night, screaming all night!

As she got older, things didn’t improve.  I learnt to accept it.  With Ella having slept through from 3 months, I thought the same would happen again.  When it didn’t, I started googling like mad.  Then I decided to let her be and that she’d improve in her own time.  They’re all different after all.

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Gro Clock Review

The Gro Clock – Review

If you need your littlies to sleep better, then it’s time to make friends with The Gro Company!  Many of their products are related to helping little ones get a better night’s sleep (and subsequently, us sleep deprived parents too!).  I’m forever talking about how little sleep I get, because it pretty much dominates my life!  And so, any product that promises a little more sleep is something I’m more than happy to give a go!

The Gro Clock is one such item.  The clock works by having stars on the clock when it’s night time and the sun during day time.  You can preset the sun to come on at whatever time you choose.  And, as you put your little one to bed, you set it so the stars come on at that time.  It’s a simple concept for them to understand – the stars mean it’s time to sleep, the sun means it’s time to get up.

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Our Day in Black and White

Video: Our Day in Black and White

Our Day in Black and White
I’ve wanted to start creating videos for my blog and YouTube channel for a while now, but have got a bit stuck at where to start.  I’ve filmed about five ‘introducing me’ type videos, and watched them all back with boredom!  It just wasn’t what I wanted to do for my videos.

As with most ideas, I’d often wake (or more than likely, be woken!!) in the middle of the night, and an idea for a video would spring in to my head.  The recurring thought seemed to be ‘our day in black and white’.  I love black and white imagery.  There’s something so romantic and softening about removing the colour.  And I wanted to give it a go with video too.

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