Weaning – A Combined Baby Led Approach

We are now well and truly in to the weaning journey with Sienna, as she approaches 8 months old.  I’m not really one to be in a rush to start the whole weaning thing.  I know a lot of people can’t wait for their baby to have the first taste of solid food.  But for me, it’s one of those signals that the baby days are slowly coming to an end.  When they can manage proper food and not just milk.  When they suddenly seem so much more grown up, sat proud in their high chair.

With Ella, we took a mostly baby-led approach.  I fed her porridge and yoghurts, but otherwise she fed herself normal food.  I didn’t once puree anything or give her food from a jar or pouch.  As suggested with baby led, we started weaning her at 6 months.  Well actually, just before six months, as this meant her first taste of proper food was Christmas dinner!

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