Ten Things That Make the Second Pregnancy So Different

I’m definitely finding this pregnancy different from the first.  And I’m sure subsequent pregnancies that I’m lucky to have will be the same!

Here’s ten of the hundreds of things that make this pregnancy much different than the first time round!


1. Napping during the day is not possible

Even when I try to nap when Ella does on days I’m not working, she’s bound to wake up just as I nod off.  Or, even more likely, the dog will bark and wake us both up after I’ve had approx 1 minute and 47 seconds sleep!!!


2. Your bump is now a pillow

Your bump suddenly serves a second purpose – the best place to lay a little head!


3. You’ve got to share your chocolate

You still want to eat everything bad that you lay your eyes on.  But now you’ve got to share it with a demanding toddler who similarly wants to eat junk all the time.


4. You’ve got to cook

You can’t decide that cooking is no longer your thing and that the smells make you want to wretch, like you did the first time round.  Instead you’ve got to do your best to prepare three nutritious meals a day.  Spaghetti hoops are nutritious aren’t they?!


5. It’s not just heartburn waking you at night

As if you didn’t suffer with enough sleeplessness in pregnancy (despite the extreme exhaustion).  You’ve now got another being to wake you up in the night.  Sleep was never designed for mums!


6. You pick up far more bugs

Kids in nursery/school mean more bugs being brought home.  Pregnancy means lower immunity.  The two don’t go together well.  Be prepared to be ill every time your child is!


7. Heavy lifting is essential

No heavy lifting in pregnancy?  Try telling that to my 18 month old when she’s got her arms outstretched!  My back aches permanently!!


8. You forget how many weeks you are

First pregnancy, you could recite exactly how many weeks+days along you are, and how many days there are to go until your new arrival.  Second pregnancy, you barely remember the date that you’re due!


9. Peppa is on repeat

Feet up, warm brew and a film/box set/This Morning?!  Nope!  This time it’s cold tea and Peppa on repeat.


10. You know what’s to come, and can’t bloody wait!

That little one running round while you’d rather they gave you a few minutes peace?  They remind you how amazing it is to be a mum, and that all this is soooo worth it!


Bump pillow!!!
Bump pillow!!!




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12 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make the Second Pregnancy So Different

    1. Thanks and I sympathise! I’m 26 weeks along and Ella is too young to understand I’m growing another human!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! Xx

  1. This had me nodding and smiling, I remember feeling quite indignant when pregnant with number 2 that I couldn’t sleep as much as I desperately wanted to!! And forgetting how many weeks you are too – with number three someone once politely acknowledged the bump and asked how long I had left, for a few seconds too long I had no idea what she was talking about and asked her ’till what??’ OMG she must’ve thought I was a mental case. I totally forgot I was pregnant!!! x

  2. Aww love it – although my daughter was 10 when I had my son so no heavy lifting for me thankfully and I could squeeze in the odd nap. She still liked to use my bump as a pillow though!

  3. Oh you couldn’t be more right with the second pregnancy. So very differently. Great list. My two are only 22 months a part so I can relate. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  4. All of these were true in my second pregnancy…
    My eldest didn’t sleep so I spent nights on a mattress on the floor by his bed because I was determined to get him settled there before baby arrived, with heartburn stroking his hand until he fell asleep on the mattress on the floor with me!

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