The End of Our Breastfeeding Journey

Sienna is just over three months old now, and our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end.

I’ve spoken a few times about Sienna’s fussiness.  She cries lots, struggles to settle, and has fussed during and after feeds.  To be honest, it was really starting to bring me down.  I was starting to feel that every waking minute had to be dedicated to her.  I could sometimes get away with putting her down once she fell asleep, but couldn’t dare leave the room, as the pram would need rocking if she stirred!

Plus, she hasn’t been a great sleeper, and with Ella going through a bit of a sleep regression too, I’ve been shattered!  Throw in piercing cries, and I often found myself crying with her!

Last week, we were away on holiday in Ireland.  Ella had food poisoning, and we’d had a bit of a hellish car, boat, hotel and car journey to Dingle.  The next day, we were all exhausted and stressed!  Sienna just wouldn’t feed.  She fussed and cried and wasn’t happy at all, more so than usual.  She has been having a bottle of formula dream feed at 10pm from about 8 weeks old, to try and encourage her to stretch her sleep a bit, so I had a box of formula with us.  I decided to give that a go instead and she took it fine!  No fussing!

That was when I started to think about calling it a day on the breastfeeding, if she was more content taking a bottle. I started to give her the odd bottle here and there, usually if we were out, as public breastfeeding had become quite difficult with her fussing.  She mostly took it, but still was quite fussy.

I hit a bit of a breaking point a couple of evenings ago.  Sienna was having her last feed before bed, from the breast.  She had no interest, and was fussing.  I made her a bottle, and she did exactly the same.  Sean rushed to the Boots down the road from us, and bought a box of anti reflux formula.  She wolfed it down, no fussiness, and went to bed content!

I took Sienna to see a cranial osteopath a few weeks ago, to see if that would help her fussiness.  She found no tension that would have caused her to be fussy, but did suggest that she was showing the symptoms of silent reflux but would likely grow out of it by three months.  With the anti reflux formula doing the trick, I think she may be right!

Yesterday, Sienna had mostly anti reflux formula with a couple of breastfeeds to relieve the pressure from me.  She was like a different baby!  So content!  In fact, she slept most of the afternoon!

Today, I tried to give her a breastfeed but she was having none of it, and wanted the bottle instead!  After her bottle, I put her down in the pram, while me and Ella ate our lunch.  I came back to find her fast asleep!  I can’t tell you how rare this is for Sienna!  I would usually spend at least 15 minutes trying to get her to sleep.  Then I’d attempt the put down in the pram.  Sometimes it wouldn’t work and I’d be back to shush patting her.  When it did work, if she stirred I had to jiggle the pram to settle her again.  As I type this, she’s still asleep.  She’s stirred, and even woken when the dog barked, but gone straight back to sleep with no intervention!!  This is AMAZING!!!!!  I’ve had a hot brew and managed to write this blog post!!

So, it seems she was in discomfort.  She’s had acid burning her bless her, and that is why she has cried, struggled to settle and fussed through feeds.  The thing with silent reflux is that there’s no physical vomiting or regurgitation, so it’s not so easy to spot.  So, I’m glad we decided to give the anti reflux formula a go.

I’m going to continue to feed her at night for the forseeable, to save having to make up bottles, but if we need to switch those feeds over too, then so be it.  Currently, she seems too sleepy during them for any fussiness, so hopefully she has no discomfort during the night.  And I’m kind of hoping the day feeds will make her more content at night, and she might not need any night feeds.  Wishful thinking maybe!

I’m really pleased we hit the three month mark with breastfeeding.  Especially as many feeds have been pretty frustrating.  I will miss it, especially the feeds that she didn’t fuss for!

But I think moving over to the anti reflux formula is going to lead to more contented lives for all of us.  And I definitely feel like a weight has been lifted!


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10 thoughts on “The End of Our Breastfeeding Journey

  1. Thank you for writing this post! Our youngest (now six months) also had silent reflux, though at first it was regular reflux so we knew what to look out for in terms of warning signs. I also had to stop breastfeeding (though I only managed a month so well done you for persevering!) but my baby was so much happier :). The turning point at night for us was when he learnt to roll over and chose to sleep on his tummy – apparently much more comfy for refluxers 🙂 xx

    1. Ah that’s good to know, may try that!! She never seems bad at night. She’s had three nights in her three months when it was obviously bad, but otherwise only wakes for feeds and is straight back to sleep. Only problem is those feeds could be every hour, so hopefully the formula will fill her up a bit more! I’m glad I persevered but at the same time almost feel stupid for not trying the formula sooner! Xx

  2. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have problems breast feeding, and I’m very glad that you’ve found a way through it. Well done for getting as far as you did, and for thinking to try the anti-reflux formula. I hope things continue to settle for you and Sienna x #sharewithme

  3. It does sound like you had quite a journey with Sienna’s breastfeeding. I breastfed my son and things went smooth for us – other than feeding every hour so. Reading other mums’ posts makes me realise how lucky I was!
    I’m glad that you’ve found a solution that works best for you and your baby.
    It always amazes me when it turns out that a man-made product works better than something natural – like breastmilk.

    1. I know!! That’s why I kept persevering, but thank god for modern technology I guess! I’m sure the issue would have rectified at some point, maybe when she goes on to solids, but I’d have gone beyond crazy by then!!! X

  4. Oh bless you it’s hard when you don’t know the cause and breastfeeding has to stop I had a similar thing with MM and had to stop breastfeeding but it was for the best for her and she did wonders afterwards. Sometimes we just have to go with the baby’s plans not our own. YOu have done amazing to figure it out and now have a happy baby on your hands. Don’t worry soon you won’t have any night feeds to do bottle duty on as she gets older. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. I’m really hoping the night feeds are going soon!! Though I’ll probably miss the time with her! Not quite as much as I miss sleep though!!! x

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