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A few weeks ago, we moved house.  It actually wasn’t anywhere near as stressful as people make it.  And it feels like we’ve been in our new forever.  The majority of our ‘stuff’ has been packed away, though I’m sure much of it will be moved around in the coming months.  There are a few bits I’d like to decorate.  But for now, we’re just settling in to our new environment.

I’ve spoken numerous times on the blog about one of our daily habits – walking the dog.  Moving house means we now have a new area to walk the dog in.  We’re actually only about 5 minutes drive from our last house.  And just over the road from the field we used to walk Ned in.  But it’s very muddy in winter, and so we’ve been trying out another park that is near us.

Ella has always loved running through the field while we walked Ned.  But it really was just a field.  There wasn’t much to explore.  The park we now go to has fields, a pond, benches to sit on, alleyways to run through, as well as swings, roundabouts, slides, and everything else you’d expect at a park.  Each time we walk the dog through this park, Ella has ran ahead of me, exploring, looking at new things, and enjoying every minute of it.

Sienna has been pretty poorly recently.  As I type this, she has another cold and seems to have a very sore throat.  She can only sip at her milk, she’s crying lots and is obviously in discomfort.  She’s also been quite sick lately.  She spent the first few days in our new home throwing up.  And the sickness has recently returned.  This really makes our daily dog walks even more important to us.  We need to escape the house of illness and get fresh air in to all of us.

I took these pictures last week on one particular dog walk.  I think both girls are very happy with our new dog walking route!

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