The Journey Begins…!!!

Well, the journey actually began a few months ago!  I’m now nearly 22 weeks pregnant and ready to start blogging my journey from pregnancy, through to actually having a mini real life human being to look after!!!

I’ve been keen to have a personal blog for a while (rather than a business blog!  You can find my business blog here!), but never really found a subject that captivates me enough to write regular blogs on it.  Then when I got pregnant, I found myself sharing the smallest thing every day with my husband (and probably boring him to death in the process)!  It’s such a new experience, there really is something different every day!  Add to that the trepidation and excitement of actually being a parent, I realised there’s loads of things I’ll want to get down in writing.

I’m hoping this blog will not only be an interesting read, but also be a great journal for me that I can look back on when I’m a dab hand at motherhood with 7 kids in my brood (yeah right!!)!

I’m going to be as honest as possible, as I don’t see the point in pussy-footing round the rough stuff!!  So look away now if you’re squeamish!

So, thanks for starting the journey with me!  I hope you enjoy reading my rants and rambles!  And please do add your own comments and experiences!!


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