The Move From Cot to Bed – With The HelloHome StarBright Toddler Bed

I’d always thought Ella would be at least two when we made the move from cot to bed.  Not least because her younger sibling will be born any day now and I didn’t want things to change too much all at once!!  Plus, I was thinking of how much sleep I’d be getting if the move didn’t go so well!

But, at 21 months, Ella had other ideas!  She was sleeping so poorly in her cot, there didn’t seem to be much to lose in making the move, in the hope it would help her sleep.

We were sent the fabulous HelloHome Starbright toddler bed to review for the transition.

StarBright Toddler Bed

So, how has it gone?!!

Amazingly!!!  She’s sleeping so well, and absolutely adores her new bed!  As soon as she saw it, she raced in to her room and straight in to bed!  This was her ‘morning after the night before’ face, after her first night sleeping in her new bed.  Says it all really!!

StarBright toddler bed

The bed was pretty easy to put together (so Sean tells me!  I avoid getting involved in any form of flat pack furniture construction!!).  It’s really sturdy, and can take our weight too, for a bit of early morning snuggling with Ella!

There are railings either side of the head, which is great for this transition period and avoiding falls.  Ella has yet to fall out of bed!  It’s also really low to the ground, so easy for toddlers to climb in and out of without mishap!

There’s also a side table that can be attached to either side of the bed, so isn’t dependent on your room layout, which is solid enough to hold mum or dad’s weight to read a bedtime story.  We’ve found this table really useful for leaving a drink of water on, and some books for Ella to have a ‘read’ of when she first wakes up.  She loves sitting on it to read, or to use as a table to prop her books on!

StarBright toddler bed

StarBright toddler bed

The design of the bed is so cute!  It’s definitely not gender specific in any way, and I’m sure we’ll be using it the next time we’re making the cot to bed transition!  Plus the colouring is neutral, so fits with the decor of any room.  The top end of the bed has a beautiful cloud design, with a moon which houses a fab night light.

StarBright toddler bed

The night light stays on for 15 minutes or you can switch it off yourself.  The moon glows, while the rest of the unit casts stars on the wall and ceiling.  This has been great for settling Ella at night.  We’ve not really had any trouble with her not settling in her new bed.  But the odd night she gets back out of it after being put to bed, I put her back in and tell her to count the stars.  Works every time!  We don’t hear from her again, usually until the morning!

StarBright toddler bed

I’m so pleased with how quickly Ella has settled in to her new bed.  The first few nights she woke a few times, and annoyingly got some teeth coming through the same week we moved her.  But she’s now happily sleeping through the night most nights, which is a far cry from the 2 hours it would take to get her back to sleep in her cot before the move!

A resounding success, definitely helped by this fab bed!!

You can purchase the HelloHome StarBright bed from Argos by clicking here!

starbright toddler bed

Thank you to HelloHome for sending us the HelloHome Starbright toddler bed to review.  All opinions, and photos of the bed excluding the first image, are my own.

You can read more about the move from cot to bed here!

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  1. Look at her little face! She looks so well rested and smiley 😀
    It’s a gorgeous looking bed!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  2. Wow this bed is gorgeous, my little ones would love this! The nightlight is a fantastic idea, I love that it is neutral too, going to check this bed out on the website!

    Your little girl looks so pleased 🙂 Glad the move to a bed went well! Just spotted my youngest has the same pjs x

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