The Ordinary Moments #18 – Them Teeth

I don’t think you realise how dominating teeth can be before you become a parent!  

When Ella was about 3 months old, I remember us starting to blame things on her teething.  Bit grumpy? Teething!  Dribbly?  Teething!  Pink cheeks?  Teething!

The reality was that Ella didn’t get her first tooth til she was 11 months old! Highly unlikely those 3 month old symptoms were anything to do with her teeth!

Now, at 22 months old, Ella only has 10 teeth.  She’s been slow to cut her teeth.  And she has cut them in a non-typical manner!  She has 4 teeth on the bottom, but a big gap after the bottom two before the molars.  She’s a little gummy bear, and I love her cute little bottom two teeth!


This week, Ella has definitely been teething.  She’s been snotty, grumpy, clutching her jaw, waking in the night and had a bit of a high temp one night too.  And the teeth next to those bottom two are now visible. She’s losing the gummy bear look!

I’m also obsessed with Ella brushing her teeth.  She’s been brushing her own teeth for ages, but not very well!  She’s more likely to suck the toothpaste off the brush and think that’s the job done.  And try at your peril to try and brush her teeth for her!  The mouth gets clamped shut, the head shakes you out of the way and there are tears!

I try to avoid giving her sugary stuff.  But inevitably, she does have it.  At parties, her grandparents, nursery.  And sometimes at home, when we are having treats ourselves.

I’m determined she’ll have good teeth!  On some days, I’ve been known to pin her down to get them brushed, which is traumatic for both of us. 

This week we decided to have a look on YouTube to see if there were any videos that could help us with the teeth cleaning process.  We found a song and cartoon that shows kids brushing their teeth.  It lasts over 2 minutes.  And so far, so good! Ella is brushing her teeth much better and for longer!  She finally seems to be understanding that the brush is for her teeth, not just as a means of eating toothpaste!

And just as those teething days will be over with Ella, we’ll be straight in to it with her new sibling!! 


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7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #18 – Them Teeth

  1. This is so true. So many moments are put down to teething, and as soon as they start appearing, you’re obsessed with them! My daughter’s now 5, and is starting to talk about a wobbly tooth and the tooth fairy, so just as I stopped looking at my 2yo’s teeth coming in, I’m watching for hers going out! x

  2. Glad you’ve found a way to encourage brushing for longer! I will try and remember to try a song when we get there as we are yet to reach teething, and I am so scared about what it will bring! Xx

  3. So so true! I have a dribbly 2 & a bit year old who is chewing his whole hand at the minute I’m sure the back ones are coming through and brushing teeth is a nightmare, we’ve now got a Mickey Mouse app on the iPad which does 2 mins and it has got easier but he still wants more toothpaste all the time x

  4. Ooh a video sounds like a great idea! My two girls are more likely to eat the toothpaste and then start cleaning the bath than actually brush their teeth but we’re having some success with a light up toothbrush for one and a baby electric with princesses on for the other – fingers crossed it works!

  5. I can totally relate to blaming everything on teething in the early days although I started to relax recently and my daughter has cut 6 teeth in the past couple of weeks! I definitely need to up my teeth brushing game, a video and song sounds like a good idea.

  6. I was so clueless about teething before I became a parent and it took me completely by surprise! For me, teething has been one of the worst parts of the baby years and I am glad to be out the other side now! Sounds like you’re doing great on the teeth cleaning front x

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