The Ordinary Moments #22 – Becoming a Sister

Ella has been a big sister for 11 days now. And so far, it seems to really suit her!

I was never comfortable with her bring an only child. I know how great it is to grow up with your siblings, and it was our intention from day one to give her a sibling, and not to have too large a gap between the two of them.  

Ella would point at my tummy during pregnancy, when we asked her where the baby was.  But I think she was too young to understand that the baby would soon be on the outside.  

We brought Sienna home the same day she was born. My sister was staying, so Ella stayed at home with her while Sean came back to the hospital to pick up me and Sienna.

When we got home, it was really magical to see Ella’s surprise!  She kept repeating baaaybeeee over and over. She wanted her out of the car seat straight away and instantly started giving her kisses.


Ella is an easy going little soul.  Don’t get me wrong, like any toddler she loves having her own way and will let us know if she’s not happy about something.  But I was pretty confident she’d be made up with her baby sister.

And she really is.  She’s shown no signs of jealousy.  She is always looking to see where ‘the baby’ is, and wants her to be near.  She helps get everything for nappy changing time.  And reassures Sienna throughout the nappy changing process, telling her not to cry and stroking her head.

Even when I’m breastfeeding, Ella has shown no signs of jealousy.  She occasionally wants to sit on my knee at the same time but otherwise leaves us to it.

Yesterday, we took Ella and Sienna out for the first time in the double buggy.  Ella was proud as anything to be sat next to her baby sister!! 

Of course, Ella doesn’t always understand the need to be gentle.  She’s seen me jiggle the pram slightly to help Sienna to sleep, and helps by violently shaking it!! But mostly, she seems to understand that Sienna is not one of her toys and needs to be treated gently.

I had no preference at all in having a boy or a girl.  But I am now happy to have given Ella a sister.  I can’t wait to see their bond develop and for them to hopefully become the best of friends.


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6 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #22 – Becoming a Sister

  1. Aww this is just heart melting. What a very lovely big sister she is. It must be so lovely just watching them together. I hope my z takes to his new sibling this well too 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos of your beautiful girls, having siblings is such an amazing gift, my older 2 wind each other up like cat and dog now, but they love each other so much, and its so clear to see. x

  3. What a gorgeous post and I still remember so clearly my girls meeting in the hospital for the first time. Mads my eldest was so wonderful with her and to this day has been the best big sister I could have asked for- of course they argue sometimes but for the most part it is just wonderful. It sounds like Ella is going to be exactly the same. x

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