Daddy's Girl

The Ordinary Moments #25 – Daddy’s Girls

When you marry ‘the one’, there is no assurance of what kind of dad they are going to be.  When your relationship is built around just being the two of you, it can be somewhat unnerving to throw children in to the mix.

So, when that person turns out to not only be a brilliant husband but also an amazing dad, you know you’ve struck gold.

Ella absolutely adores her daddy.  Just last night, she woke in the night from teeth coming through combined with a cold and, when I went in to her, she asked for daddy.

Daddy getting home from work is her favourite time of the day.  Sean is far more playful with her and she loves being thrown around by him.  And for Ella, nothing beats a daddy cuddle!

Daddy's Girl

It’s too early to say whether Sienna will feel the same towards her daddy, but I can’t really see her not being! She definitely already loves to snuggle up to him.

Daddy's girl

Sean is so committed to making all three of us girls happy. When he sees me hitting cracking point, he’ll step straight in.  He’s always coming up with ideas for us all to get out and have fun together.  And when any of us need a cuddle, those strong arms do the job perfectly!

Any man can be a father. But to be a daddy takes a lot more work. And I’m so so happy that my girls have a daddy they can be proud of.

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4 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #25 – Daddy’s Girls

  1. Hahahaha Im so glad im not alone in the “cracking point” and needing the hubs to step in, it usually starts with “erm I cant deal with this right now” haha what a lovely patient man you must have and what a great post!

    It is a bonus, you are so right, that theyre not only amazing friends and husbands but excellent fathers too…such happinesss! x

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