The Ordinary Moments #33 – Food Poisoning

This week’s ordinary moments is ridiculously late! And that’s because we are just coming to the end of our holiday in Ireland. I’ve had little internet access, so it’s meant a break from blogging and social media! 

Our trip didn’t get off to the finest start!! We were due to leave Manchester to head for Holyhead to get the ferry at 4pm last Friday. At about 6pm on the Thursday, Ella started with really bad diarrhoea. I put it down to a bug and hoped it would take no more than 24 hours to clear.

We had a rough night with lots of nappy changes.

The next morning, the day of our holiday, she was no better, and blood had started to appear in her nappy too. So I thought it best to take her to the doctor.  We were sent straight to the hospital!

I’m always a last minute person and hadn’t finished packing, thinking I’d have most of the day to do it. Plus I still needed to sort travel insurance. So, on arriving at the hospital, the stress hit me and I had a little weep!

The nurses were fab and said they’d do everything they could to get us seen and out of there as soon as possible.  Sienna was with us too, as Sean was working, and thankfully slept for much of it!

Ella was starting to be a bit more chirpy luckily. The doctors examined her and sent a sample off. They said they were happy for us to go on holiday, so long as she kept her fluids up and didn’t get worse.

We were home in time for me to do a quick run around packing everything up, and we were on the road at 4 as planned.

The drive to Holyhead wasn’t much fun! Ella slept for a fair bit of it, but when she was awake, she was whinging lots!

We had a cabin on the boat and she instantly started with the nappy filling. Luckily she managed an hour’s sleep on the boat.

After another rough night in a hotel in Dublin, we then had a 4.5 hour drive ahead of us to meet Sean’s family in Dingle. It was probably the least fun I’ve ever had!!!!

But luckily, Ella improved! The doctor phoned on Monday to let us know the sample showed it was food poisoning! I have absolutely no idea where or how she picked it up, as no one at nursery had it, nor at home. 

The day Ella started to get much better, Sienna started pooing far more than she usually does. She went from going every 4-5 days to going every three hours. She seemed to get worse and occasionally did several poos within the hour. And there was blood in it too.

We decided on Thursday to take her to the doctors in Ireland. Turns out she caught Ella’s food poisoning, probably from Ella grabbing at Sienna’s dummy and putting it in her mouth.

So our holiday has been very much dominated by nappy changes and poorly tummies!!!

Luckily, we were able to enjoy most of it and a holiday blog will follow when we’re back on English soil, hopefully with no more messy nappies for a while!! 

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