The Ordinary Moments #34 – Long Car Journeys with Small Kids

We are just back from our holiday in Ireland!  I will write a separate post about it, but the gist is that we went to Dingle in Kerry with all of Sean’s family for his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary!

One thing that I guess I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for was all the driving! Crazy as it may sound, we could have got to Mexico quicker than it took us to get to Dingle!

The journey was around a 2.5 hour drive to Holyhead, a three hour ferry and a 4.5 hour drive to Dingle! Both there and back we decided to stay in Dublin overnight after and before the ferry to break up the journey.

Sean drove, so it’s not the driving that got to me. It was putting the girls through it. On the way there, Ella had food poisoning. She was producing fewer dirty nappies, but wasn’t feeling well at all. The majority of the journey involved listening to her whinging. I had come prepared with In The Night Garden on the iPad, lots of snacks, books and some small toys.

But I hadn’t been prepared for the fact she felt poorly. She didn’t want to eat. She didn’t want to sit in the same position for all that time. And she wanted to ‘get out’, as she told us every five minutes. She slept for only forty minutes on the way there, as Sienna’s crying woke her.

Sienna was better on the long journey, but still had her moments of tears, with me leaning back to try and find her mouth with the dummy.

There was one meltdown moment, where both girls were screaming. We had to pull over immediately to settle them. Of course, we also had a longer stop to stretch our legs, feed Sienna and give the girls a break.

Once we had arrived in Dingle, I thought we had made a big mistake. The journey was very fraught and we started the holiday with very bad moods! I figured the girls were just too young for so much travelling.

So, I was pretty much dreading the return journey. And it was so so different!

Both girls were a dream. It was Sienna’s turn to be poorly, but she slept for most of it. Ella had a good 1.5 hour sleep. And when she was awake, she was chatty and giggling! I didn’t even have to resort to the iPad!

There were a few requests to ‘get out’. But on the whole, it really wasn’t that bad!

I think we’re all pretty exhausted from our holiday!! And I’d definitely think again about having such a long car journey!

Here’s Ella having a good ol’ car kip while we were away!!

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