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The Ordinary Moments #37 – Staying Indoors

Since having Sienna, our weeks are pretty routine.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have both girls all day.  Tuesday, Ella goes to her nanna’s, and Thursday she goes to nursery.

This week we started potty training on Monday.  So far so good on that front (update on that here… Potty training has now stopped since writing this post!!)! But one thing I decided was that I really wanted to get it somewhat cracked before we took the brave steps beyond the house!  I figured Ella would have her day at her nanna’s and at nursery to give her a bit of a break from our four walls.

So, it’s been a bit of an odd week for us.  We are rarely in the house during the week!  Both Ella and I suffer from cabin fever, and so I had half dreaded staying in.  Our usual days include a walk with the dog, then it might be a trip to the supermarket, a soft play visit, round to her nanna’s if her cousins are there, maybe lunch out, and whatever else crops up that keeps us from being indoors!

Actually, it’s not been bad at all.  In fact, it’s been pretty good!  I’m not sure Ella has really noticed being home all day.  The weather has been nice, so she has played in the garden a bit.  And being in all day means Sienna can nap in her cot upstairs, where she enjoys much longer naps than if we’re out and about.  This has given me and Ella so much 1:1 time that I’m thinking staying in might be the new going out for us!  Instead of Sienna napping wherever we are and still being with us, it feels like Ella is getting a bit of her mummy back.  She can climb on to my knee with a book, or with the iPad to watch some rubbish rendition of Old Macdonald on YouTube!  We can sit on the floor together playing jigsaws.  And she can show off to me with her constant ‘look mummy’ actions!

I think Ella has really benefited from the time with me, rather than me getting her out of the house where the interactions are with other people around.  Yes, of course there are still times of the day where I have to devote some attention to Sienna as well, but since Sienna’s arrival, I don’t think Ella has had as much of my attention as she has had this week.

I actually got a little emotional dropping her at nursery this week.  I thought it was because I was worried about her potty training there and having accidents, but I’m wondering if some of it is that I knew I’d miss her!

Ella has been a little off colour.  I don’t know why.  There are no symptoms other than a slightly raised temp and clinginess.  As the week went on, I thought it might be worth stopping potty training until she felt better.  But she’s doing great with it, and actually I think the indoors time is just what she needed.  Slightly longer naps, and lots of mummy cuddles!

So, I think from now on I’m not going to wake each day thinking ‘how can we get out of the house today’.  Instead, I’m going to think of how we can make the most of the day together.  And, if that means staying in all day and getting more adventurous with playing at home, then I’m all up for that!

staying in

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  1. Some days you’re just not meant to go further than the front door are you! We have a balance of in and out days but even our in days have lots of outside time, just rocketing around our tiny garden on scooters!!

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