The Ordinary Moments #40 – Horseys

Ella loves animals. Her favourite song is Old Macdonald.  Her favourite videos to watch on YouTube are animal videos.  She loves trips to the farm.  She loves spotting cats, birds and squirrels when we’re out.  And she adores the horses (hor-hees) we see on our dog walks. 

Round the back of our estate, there is a narrow strip of land.  And from about March onwards, it’s inhabited by several horses.  Quite rare when you live in the city suburbs rather than out in the countryside.  And they are very friendly horses. Chancing their luck that you may be bringing them treats, so trotting straight over as soon as they see you at the gate.
Ella would happily stand all day and chat to the horses.  She points out to them where their water is. She counts them. She loves spotting the baby horse. And when it’s time to say bye to the horses, there’s lots of protesting!

I know the horses will be moved soon for winter. And Ella is going to miss them so much. Our dog walks will no longer include a horse stop. The most exciting animal we see might be a large tabby. And I won’t be able to hurry Ella out the door with the promise of seeing the horses.

We’ll miss you horhees!!!   

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One thought on “The Ordinary Moments #40 – Horseys

  1. Aw what a cute photo and it is lovely that she is so in to animals. My eldest is one of those children that couldn’t really care less about animals, when we go to the zoo she is more interested in the playground, but my youngest loves them too! xx

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