The Ordinary Moments #42 – My Poorly Baby

Sienna has had a few colds in her short five months in this world.  Mainly helped by her sister lovingly passing them on to her!  While Ella is at an age now where a cold just makes her a bit grumbly (and even more snotty than usual!) for a few days, it obviously has a bigger impact on a little baby.

Her other colds haven’t been so bad.  She’s been bunged up and we’ve relied on the nasal aspirator to clear her nose quite a lot.  But she’s not been overly upset.  But the cold she has currently has definitely been the worst.

It started last Tuesday night, when she was unsettled in the night.  Wednesday night, she went to bed seemingly fine, but woke an hour later screaming, which then carried on at regular intervals through the night.  She was so full of it.  You know when you can hear it in their breathing.  It’s ragged and mucousy.

Thursday, she was streaming all day from her eyes and her nose, and was very clingy.  Thursday night again was a rough one.

On Friday, she seemed a little better, though out of sorts.  My mum and stepdad were visiting, so me and Sean decided to take the opportunity to sneak out for dinner after the girls had gone to bed.  Unfortunately, Sienna started screaming almost the minute we left.  We came home slightly earlier than planned to relieve them.  Sienna is quite the mummy’s girl and definitely craves me more when poorly.  Friday night was another rough one, not helped by drinking a little too much wine over dinner!

By Saturday, she still wasn’t right and her temp was up.  So, I decided me and her would camp in all day.  She would be able to sleep it off without being taken here and there.  My parents took Ella out for the afternoon, and Sienna slept and slept.  She woke much happier, and had a sightly better night Saturday night and again Sunday.

It’s so hard when they’re so small to see them going through the pain of illness.  A cold is ‘just a cold’ to us.  But I know the feeling of a sore throat, tiredness, streaming from eyes and nose, and being flustered with a temp is not pleasant for the strongest of adults, let alone a little one.  I really don’t mind being there for her in the night when she’s not well.  I just wish she didn’t have to go through it.  And the night time always seems to be the worst when illness strikes.  The exhaustion caught up with me last night, and I was in bed for 8 to try and catch up before the next night shift began!

I’m hoping she’s coming out of the other side of it now, though she is still full of it.  And I’m also hoping that this will be the last cold for a little while now!


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3 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #42 – My Poorly Baby

  1. Oh no how horrible, I’m so glad that she’s feeling a bit better now! There’s nothing worse than seeing your baby poorly, especially when they’re so young and don’t really know what’s wrong. xx

  2. Oh bless her heart, it is horrible when little baby’s get colds. I remember LL had one at just a few days old and it was awful, you feel so helpless for them. I am glad she is on the mend- definitely the perils of having an older sibling who picks up all the germs. x

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