The Ordinary Moments #7 – Changing Rooms

This pregnancy really made us re-evaluate our home.  Do we have enough space for another child?  Will I have to lose my office for it to be a bedroom?  Could they share a room?

We started looking at bigger houses, half-heartedly, out of interest.  And it made us realise, we’re absolutely fine where we are.  There’s three bedrooms, which is more than enough for a family of 4!  But since buying our house, we’ve not really made it ‘ours’ enough.  We’ve painted and added in a few touches.  But anyone will know that money isn’t free flowing when you first buy a house.  And coming from furnished rented accommodation meant we really were starting from scratch with furniture, etc.  Much of it has been second hand and was supposed to be a stop gap.  Two years later and it was still in the house….!!!

So, we’ve been working hard since Christmas to update our home and make it feel more homely.  We’ve started with the living room.  I’m going to do a full post for each room we work on, so won’t go in to loads of detail here.  The main difference has been getting carpet where once there was laminate, and a new sofa and chair where once there was a second hand huge green corner sofa!

Now the living room is pretty much complete, apart from the odd touch here and there, it feels like we’re in a new house!  We love it so much!  And pretty much every day Ella gets up in the morning, there’s been a change from the night before!  She’s loving her new surroundings!

Our next project is the kitchen.  Though I think we could do with a couple of weeks off night time and weekend renovations!

A little sneaky peak before I do a full post on the new room!!
A little sneaky peak before I do a full post on the new room!!

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4 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #7 – Changing Rooms

  1. We are having the same thoughts as you with 2nd baby due at the start of April. My hubby has been kicked out of the office this weekend and we’ve started the decorating in preparation. I think our solution will be an insulated man cave in the garden (will have to start building in the Summer!) Good luck with the rest of your project and hopefully I’ll see more posts soon 🙂

    1. It’s so easy to fill the space you have isn’t it! I’m gonna miss my office! The kitchen table is going to have to be my new office I think, unless I can find a corner for a desk somewhere!!! xx

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