The Year That Was…2014!!

This is going to be my last post of the year, as we’re packing up to head to the Isle of Man tonight for the festive period!

So, I thought I’d end the year with a bit of recap of what went on!

I’ve just had a quick look back at how the year started with the posts on my blog.  It’s crazy to see how Ella has turned from a baby in to a toddler this year.  Last Christmas, I was still technically in maternity leave.  Sounds crazy when I think I’ll be back on it in a few months!

Ella was being weaned.  Her first solid food was Christmas dinner last year!  So, it’s nearly been a whole year of solids.  The baby-led weaning worked really well with Ella, and I’m glad we decided to give it at a go.  Ella’s been a great eater, despite the odd picky moment due to illness, and I’m hoping we’re blessed with another good eater!

January saw me going back to work just one day a week.  I progressed on to two days a week when Ella started nursery in March.  It’s been brilliant running the business alongside being a mum.  My business has had the best year ever, which almost doesn’t make sense considering how I have cut my hours back so much.  Guess I just figured out how to work smart instead of hard!  It’s been the perfect balance for me.  I don’t think I could be a full time stay at home mum, but neither would I want to be at work for a full week.  I hope this continues to work as I become a mum of 2!

Looking back on February’s posts, I found my blog becoming not just a journal type thing of what we’ve been up to and Ella’s development, but also an outlet for me.  I caused a bit of furore on Facebook with my ‘It’s Not That Hard’ post, and felt I had to back it up as I don’t think I got it down as I wanted to.  I still don’t find motherhood that hard, but there are certainly challenges, but really I think I wanted to get across that it’s not worth stressing over and that worse things happen than some of the things that can go wrong in motherhood.  Also, that it’s far worse to be without when you really want to be a parent.  It was an eye opener for me that this blog has really become a tool for me to write, and I’m loving writing it.  I can’t see me ever not blogging now.  I don’t care massively for Google stats, and how many views my blog has.  Even if no one reads it, I just love to get stuff down in writing!

March saw Ella start nursery, as I said before.  She absolutely loves it!  And they all love her there!  She’s such a confident and independent little girl.  Not once has she cried when she’s been dropped off at nursery.  She loves playing with the other kids, and I think it’s great for her development to spend some time in that kind of environment.

I also wrote in March about my fitness regime.  I was finally back at my pre-pregnancy weight.  And feeling the fittest I think I’ve ever felt.  Can’t wait to get back exercising properly after this baby.  Exercise is a huge part of my life and I really miss pushing myself to my limits!

April was a busy month for us, with two weddings, both in the Isle of Man, and both of which I was a bridesmaid at!  My best friend and sister both got married, and both weddings were amazing!  We had a fab month of wedding fun!

In May, I posted about whether it was time for number 2?  Admittedly, me and Sean had been talking about it a lot.  Ella was only 10 months old, but we never did want a big gap.  I posted that I wasn’t ready for another pregnancy, and in some ways I wasn’t.  But we were ready for another baby.

So, in June I came off the pill!  I can’t believe how quickly I fell pregnant compared to conceiving Ella.  2 months is nothing when you’ve gone through 14 months of trying to conceive!  I’m now 20 weeks pregnant, half way through!

In July, Ella turned 1!!  I wrote a letter to her, and will do the same for each child, for each birthday.  She’ll be 18 months on 2nd January, and it’s just amazing how much they develop!  She’s close to talking now, saying quite a few little words, hiya, yes, no, all gone, mama, dada, Ned!  And she’s started to copy what we’re saying.  We’re really trying to kerb our swearing now!

I loved summer 2014.  The weather was so good.  Not too hot, but sunny nearly every day.  We had a fab summer, chilling in the garden as a family.  And Ella started walking as well, which was brilliant!  She loved the freedom, and still does!

August saw mine and Sean’s 5th wedding anniversary.  Five great years that have absolutely flown!

And in September, we went on our first family holiday to Spain, along with my mum and stepdad.  I’d just found out I was pregnant, so it was a bit strange for me feeling sick and tired the whole time, and not being able to drink, but we still had a fab time!!  Can’t wait for the next hol!!

September was also ruled by chickenpox (luckily after our holiday!).  Ella got a small outbreak, then 10 days later, a full on outbreak!  More than anything, we both found the quarantine hard.  All-in-all, she had chickenpox for 3 weeks, which meant very little going out in that time.  Plus I was feeling incredibly sick all the time, and absolutely exhausted.  So, we were definitely glad to see the back of the pox!  And glad to have one child out of the way with it!

In October, I could finally announce my pregnancy on the blog!  It’s not been the easiest pregnancy so far.  I suffer low blood pressure in pregnancy.  It’s a nuisance rather than an illness.  But the worst thing has been all the bugs and viruses I’ve picked up!  I’ve maybe been well for one whole week the whole pregnancy.  I feel like all I’ve done for the last few months is moan about how poorly I’ve felt!  I’ve had 2 stomach bugs, 2 bad colds and a month of sinusitis!  The sinusitis was the worse.  The doctor explained that, because I’m pregnant, my body had two big tasks to do, which left nothing for me.  I was struggling to move about or do anything, and found it pretty damn depressing!

Thankfully, touch wood, cross fingers, pray to God, and whatever else I need to do to make it so, I seem to be coming out of it now, and am actually well for Christmas.  Should I really say that?!!!  Hopefully the second half of the pregnancy is far easier!

And that is our year!

Next year promises to be another good one!  I expect by this time next year, Ella will be talking really well!  And I’ll have another little piece of blogging inspiration to talk about!  Can’t wait to become a family of 4!!  Plus, I turn 30 (unfortunately while I’m still pregnant!).  I’ve got a bit of a plan in place for something I’d love people to do for my 30th, which I’m going to reveal in January!  Really hoping lots of people get on board with it!  Watch this space!

So, hoping you have a wonderful Christmas, and that this year has been a great one for you, and that 2015 is even better!!


Ella snow man


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