The Year That Was…2015!

A new year is once again upon us.  As the saying goes ‘the days are long, but the years are short’.  We’ve definitely had some long days in 2015, but the year has indeed been a fast one.  2015 was a bit of a strange year, but also an absolutely amazing one.  Ella started the year an only child, 1.5 years old, very active but not very chatty.  She’s ended the year a big sister, 2.5 years old, a chatterbox who is still very active!

And we are now a family of four, with the arrival of our little stunner Sienna!  She’s certainly turned things on their head!  While the jump from one child to two isn’t as drastic a life change as going from being childless to becoming a parent, it has still been a hefty jump and we’ve all had to adapt!  We’ve had to deal with a mostly unhappy baby.  A very vocal baby.  One I haven’t always been able to understand.  But also a baby that I feel so incredibly bonded to and who I love with every fibre within me.  Sienna is ending the year a much happier baby.  She giggles and smiles far more than she cries.  And, teething and illness aside, is largely a content and easy baby.

We’ve had little sleep this year, going from pregnancy insomnia to a baby who struggles to sleep.  I’ve found the sleep deprivation hard, and it’s really affected my personality.  I’m snappier, unhappier than usual and far more anxious.  I am starting this year with the determination to break through it and feel much much happier.  After all, my life is great!!  I have accepted that Sienna is going to find sleeping difficult for a while longer yet.  And that’s ok.  I don’t want to use lack of sleep as an excuse any more.  I’m determined to get us out more and to extract more out of the hours we’re given.

And so, a little look back on our year.  I’ve really upped the blogging this past year, and intend to again this year.  I love writing, and I want to spend more time committed to it.  I’m also going to invest in a better camera and improve my photography and maybe even do a little bit of video making!!  So, here is our year, in pictures and my favourite post from each month.


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Favourite post: Writing is My Therapy


Favourite post: A Little Life Update

Thanks so much for reading and supporting me and my family through 2015.  Wishing you a very happy 2016!!!!

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