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Today I hit 36 weeks pregnant.  Which means one more week until I’m full term, and four weeks until due date.  Which means the end is nearing!

It’s no secret that pregnancy isn’t for me.  I hate to be a killjoy.  I’d love so much to be one of those women who bloom and enjoy every day of their pregnancy.  But I’m not.  And this second pregnancy I’ve found particularly hard.  I’ve not had to go through any kind of extreme illness or difficulty with it, though there has been the odd issue.  I just really don’t think it suits me!  I like being up and active and doing stuff.  The exhaustion wears me down mentally as much as it does physically.  And this time I feel more exhausted than ever!

So, in case I don’t get chance again, due to an earlier than expected arrival, I thought I’d do a little recap on what the pregnancy has been like, particularly as I’m not someone who could keep up with a weekly pregnancy update!

1. Scares

There have been two scares this pregnancy.  The first was at 20 weeks.  I woke in the night at around 4am, and went to the toilet to find I was bleeding.  It was bright red and there was significantly enough of it for me to instantly feel terrified.  We woke Sean’s mum who came to be in the house with Ella, and headed straight to hospital.  Turned out to be an unexplained bleed.  The baby was absolutely fine thank god.

I had a growth scan at 28 weeks (see why below) that highlighted a ‘dangling choroid plexus’.  An enlarged ventricle of the brain in a nutshell.  It could have been something very serious.  We waited two weeks before a scan with a specialist, which showed no issue at all.  Another big PHEW!!!  You can read more about that here!

2. Scans

Speaking of scans, today I had my 6th scan.  I have an underactive thyroid that I take thryoxine for, which then requires an extra couple of growth scans.  Because of that enlarged ventricle issue, I’ve had even more.  Today the sonographer decided there was slightly too much fluid.  So I’m back for yet another scan next week!!!!  This baby is determined for me to spend a lot of the pregnancy sat in waiting rooms!!!  The bonus is that it is nice to see the development of the baby in the womb!

3. Sciatica

I’ve recently developed sciatica, so have pains in my lower back and, in particular, down my left leg.  This makes it really quite hard to sleep at night, and sometimes standing up and moving is an issue!  It comes and goes, but a hot water bottle seems to help!  And my amazing pregnancy pillow, which I’ll be writing a review on shortly, from Pregnancy Pillows.

4. Low blood pressure

I suffer low blood pressure in pregnancy.  It’s such a nuisance as I literally have not been able to stand for any length of time without being close to passing out.  Everyday life, like going to the shops, hasn’t been possible.  And it leaves me feeling weak all the time.  Luckily, it’s on the climb now, and my blood pressure is normal!

5. Exhaustion

I feel dog-tired!!!  It’s not been helped by Ella sleeping poorly.  Though we may have just fixed that this week by moving her from cot to bed!  I can’t believe how exhausted I feel some days.  The heaviness of just moving my arms and legs is bizarre!!  It’s the one aspect of pregnancy that really brings me down.  I’m quite an active person.  I don’t enjoy being sat around watching telly.  I’m so glad I took up crochet this pregnancy, as it’s the only thing occupying me while I can do little else!

I feel like every time I mention my pregnancy, it’s all negative!!  And this post reads back so negatively.  I honestly cannot wait to be a mum again.  I can’t wait to go in to labour (I’d rather labour every day than be pregnant every day!).  And I know I’m so lucky to be pregnant.  And I will probably do it again.  We’ll see how life with two goes first, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I’ll be on here moaning about pregnancy!!!  And then rejoicing when there’s another little beauty in our lives!

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4 thoughts on “This Pregnancy

  1. It sounds like this baby needs to hurry up and make an appearance!
    I hated pregnancy at first as I was so ill but when that passed a little I loved it, it was the most confident I have felt in my body.
    I can only imagine how bad those scares were, I fell down the stairs once and went in for monitoring and that was scary enough.
    Good luck with the rest of your (hopefully not very long) pregnancy journey.

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life Wales

    1. Oh god, stair falling does not sound good!!! I know what you mean about body confidence. Embracing the bump is definitely a bonus! x

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