Time to get back blogging!!

Well, when I set this blog up, I thought I’d write regular posts both through pregnancy and beyond!

That hasn’t really happened!!  In all honesty, I pretty much forgot about the blog once ‘the baby’ arrived!  And ‘the baby’ is here!!!  Baby Flynn is a girl, Ella Marie.  She was born 8 days late on Tuesday 2nd July (labour blog to follow!!), weighing in at a whopping 9lbs1!!

So, she’s now over 4 months old and I’ve loved most minutes!!  People lie when they say they love every minute!!  But, in the most, she is an angel baby and we’ve had hardly any problems at all with her!

So, this is really just a reintroduction blog to say ‘I’m back’!  I really want to carry on with this blog for a number of reasons:

1. Many of my friends and family live in the Isle of Man and elsewhere and don’t get to see Ella often, so this is a great way to keep them all up-to-date!

2. It’s going to be a fab momento when Ella (and future children) are older and all this is a distant memory!

3. I often ruminate over some parenting stuff so it’ll let me get it all out of my head, get advice from others, and maybe even be a source of advice!!

Of course, I need to go in to the past first with a few blog posts to bring it to the present day, so will try and do that over the next couple of weeks!

And, here she is…!!

This is Ella a month or so ago at 12 weeks old!

Ella at 12 weeks

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