To Ella, On Your Second Birthday

To Ella,

So you’ve now been here a whole two years!!! 

It’s amazing how much you can change in a year. There’s the obvious physical things, taller, stronger, longer hair, steady on your feet, nearly all of your teeth (finally!).  

But then there’s all the developmental stuff that we’ve seen snowball this past year. You can now say loads of words. You know the names of at least 20 different animals, and can point them out in books. You have a few sentences you can say, like ‘daddy’s gone to work’!  While there’s loads of words you can say, there’s also the ones that only me and your dad can decipher!

This year has been a lot different to your first year. Much of this year was spent with me being pregnant. I’m sorry I didn’t have as much energy to play with you and that sometimes I had to resort to Peppa Pig to keep you entertained. You loved that pig, but have lost interest recently and don’t really show much interest in TV at all! You loved to rest your head on my bump and I love that you understand there is no longer a baby in there.

And then you became a big sister to Sienna. You’ve been brilliant and have shown no jealousy toward her. In fact, you absolutely adore her!! It’s much easier to get you to do stuff if you know Sienna is going to be involved! I can’t wait for Sienna to get mobile and for you to be able to play together. And I’m sure she’s looking forward to paying you back for your occasional heavy handedness!! 

Your favourite foods are now porridge, strawberries, cheese, ice lollies and chocolate!!! I think you’d have chocolate for every meal if we let you! You’re not the best at eating vegetables but will eat broccoli and cauliflower! 

You are an ambitious, independent and strong willed little girl. I can already get glimpses of the powerful woman you are going to become. I can tell that nothing will hold you back from what you want to achieve. 

You’re also very sociable, which is another reason I can’t wait for Sienna to get bigger! You love playing with other kids, being at nursery and spending time with your cousins.

Though you can also be a little shy on first meeting people and cling to mummy or daddy. And you still love a cuddle when you’re tired, you’ve hurt yourself or are feeling poorly.

I’m so proud of you Ella. You adapt to change in an instant. You are relatively well behaved. And you give us lots and lots of giggles! And who can’t join in with that infectious throaty laugh of yours!!

I know this year will see more milestones and easier communication. And, while your growing older so fast saddens me a little, it’s also wonderful to see the wonderful little girl you are becoming.

Happy birthday Ella!

Love you!

Mummy x


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