Third birthday

To Ella, On Your Third Birthday

To Ella,

Wow, am I one proud mum!  Ella, you are one brilliant little three year old!

I can hardly believe it’s been three years since you made me a mum, though I can also barely remember my life without you as part of it.  You’ve changed so much over the past year.  You’re really growing up and are showing really grown up characteristics like empathy, patience (sometimes!), and putting others first.

You are at an age where you know what you want.  You can’t have it all the time (especially if it’s chocolate for breakfast!), which you sometimes struggle with.  You know what you want to wear, where you want to go, what you want to eat!  You are definitely opinionated!  You adore being around others, especially other children, and get really upset when you have to leave their company.  You are a sociable little lady, though it does take you a little while to warm up.  You tend to hide behind my legs, fingers in mouth, until you feel comfortable to get stuck in.

If there’s one phrase that people who know you well associate with you, it’s “I’m hungry”!!  You must tell me you’re hungry every hour, if not more!  You really love your food and are always willing to give things a try.  You enjoy most foods, though still struggle with peas and mushrooms!  Your favourite foods are strawberries, chocolate, fruit yoyos, cheese and ice lollies.

You also adore surprise eggies!!  You have a passion for them since watching many of them being opened on YouTube.  It’s definitely a method of making sure you behave in the supermarket, with the promise of a surprise egg for good behaviour!  Whenever anyone has asked what you want for your birthday, the answer has been surprise egg every time.

You’re really starting to enjoy pretend play now and are taking more of an interest in your dolls and playing mummies.  You will quite happily go off and make up scenarios with your babies.  You also love to play playdoh and to draw.  You love anything that involves your mum and dad getting involved, like building bricks on the floor.  We are now ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ more than we’re mummy and daddy, another sign of you growing up.

Your dad is your absolute hero.  And I think you might be his too!  I’m sure that the favourite time of day for both of you is when dad walks through the door.  You can often get giddied up before bed, just by dad being there.  And dad’s always the one who comes up with great play ideas, and gets you involved in everything he does!  You got a toy mower for your birthday and I know you’re going to love following dad up and down the garden this summer, as he cuts the grass, and you ‘help’ too!

You’ve been a brilliant big sister the past year.  Sienna is like your comfort blanket, and you love her to be near you.  You always check that she is going where you are.  You often refer to her as your baby.  And we all want to squeeze Sienna really tight, but of course we know not to.  You’re not quite so wise just yet, and can often give her the tightest of squeezes until she’s in tears.  It’s hard, because we know it’s done with nothing other than pure love.  But you still need to learn about being gentle!  Other times, you will plant the sweetest and softest little kiss on your baby sister.  She absolutely adores you, and lights up when she sees you!  You now share a room, and I love to hear you chatting together in the mornings!  How you both sleep through each other’s crying in the night, I’ve no idea!

Your sleep hasn’t been great this year, I’ll be honest!  You lulled us in to a false sense of security by being a good sleeper as a baby.  You wake in the night more than you sleep through, and you always ask me to get in bed with you.  It’s become a bit of a habit, to help you get back to sleep, though I know the day will come soon enough when you stop asking me to get in bed with you.  And badger is still your number one bed companion!  You won’t sleep without him!

This year is a pretty big one for you.  You’re going to pre-school every morning from September.  And you can’t wait!  You always talk about school!  You’ll definitely still be going to nursery at least one afternoon a week too, as it’s been such an important part of your upbringing, and you absolutely love your nursery!

You make me laugh so much.  You come out with the funniest things, and have me in stitches with some of the things you do!  Just yesterday, you wanted to play outside, so I told you you needed to get your wellies on because it was wet.  You came back in to the kitchen completely naked but for your wellies!!  You then went out and did a little dance about being naked outside!  It was so funny!!!  You really love to not have any clothes on!!!

So Ella, please continue to be the most absolute little joy to be around (most of the time!), to try new things, to meet new people, to go out of your comfort zone, to make me and everyone else around you laugh, to play lots, to love lots and to keep being you.  Just maybe stop saying “I’m hungry” so much please!!

I love you,

Mum x

Third birthday

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