Trespass Bravo DLX Waterproof Jacket – Review

One thing you can’t be when you have a dog, is a fair weather walker!!  Come rain or shine, Ned wants to get out.  So, a good waterproof jacket is a must.

The Bravo Women’s DLX Waterproof jacket from Trespass is perfect for a soggy dog walk, and a not so soggy one too!  Much as I’m looking forward to the days of walking Ned with a t-shirt on and no coat, we seem a long way from it yet.  Since receiving the DLX jacket, it’s seen me through every dog walk!  One of the things that makes it perfect for me, is the number of pockets.  I need space for poo bags, house keys, my phone (to take snaps for Snapchat along the way!), Ned’s ball for when we get to the park, tissues to wipe little girls’ noses, and sometimes my good camera too if I want to take a few shots for the blog!  The Bravo DLX offers plenty of room for all this, with two water repellent zip pockets, and two inner pockets.

I can definitely vouch for it being waterproof.  It is waterproof to 10000mm, and I’ve been out in it a few times in the rain and stayed completely dry on top.  I also love that the hood comes far over the top of the head.  It’s so frustrating having to pull a hood forward to protect your hair from the rain, or to have water dripping from the top of the hood on to your face.  The hood comes really far forward and stays up in the wind as well.

The jacket is breathable, and I’m sure will be just as wearable on rainy warm sunny days, and there are underarm ventilation zips for extra breathability.  I also really like the style of it.  I prefer a plain jacket, and love that this is a nice simple black design with concealed zip.  It can be tailored to your body shape, with a back waist drawcord, a hem cord and adjustable tabs at the cuffs.

This jacket will definitely see me through many more dog walks, trips to the park, days out and everything else that comes with being a mum of young children and owner of an energetic dog!  And, there are lots more women’s waterproof jackets at Trespass to choose from!



Thank you to Trespass for sending me the Bravo Women’s DLX Waterproof Jacket for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.

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