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Twistshake Baby Bottle Giveaway

I love innovation when it comes to baby products, and companies that seek to resolve issues that parents face!

One issue we’ve definitely come up against, particularly when using anti-reflux formula, is lumps forming when mixing milk.  These lumps then get stuck in the teat, and all hell breaks loose when the baby can’t get their creamy nectar!!

The Twistshake bottle resolves this issue, and is created by an innovative Swedish company.  The bottles have a super-mixer that removes any formula lumps.  The bottles are made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic and come with an anti-colic nipple (without a doubt an essential!).  Plus, they include a powder box for formula, or snacks down the weaning line!

What is really fab about these bottles is the design.  They come in really vibrant colours, and are definitely not your typical baby bottle!

Sienna loves hers, drinks great from it, and I know it will definitely be her favourite bottle to have her milk in as she gets older!

twistshake bottle

Twistshake are offering one person their own Twistshake baby bottle in the giveaway below!  To enter, just follow the instructions.  Entrants must be based in the UK.

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