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Running my own social media training business, I’ve already got a good following on my business social media account (@_SamFlynn) of nearly 8.5k.  When setting up Life of Mum, I also created a separate Twitter account devoted solely to the blog.  I built it up and tweeted blog links and the odd ramble now and again.

But I found it really hard to manage two separate accounts.  I found I just wasn’t posting on Life of Mum anywhere near enough.  And I had to build up a following from scratch.  So, I decided to get rid and just promote my mum blog through my main Twitter account, and hopefully bring some new readers in, and give my customers and contacts more of an insight in to my life, where they could get to know me!

One thing I train when it comes to Twitter, is how social the platform is.  It’s not somewhere for businesses to just spout corporate stuff!  They should be personable too!  So, I figured I was hitting this objective, by being a mum as well as a business owner on Twitter.

About a week ago though, I realised that, while I’m happy to post links to my blogs on my Twitter, I wasn’t happy to spout mum stuff all day.  Or have a moan.  Or ask mum type questions.  This has been particularly in this second pregnancy, where I’ve wanted to talk more about being pregnant but have found myself being held back, so that my Twitter account didn’t become too mum focused and lose interest for my business side.

Plus, I was also finding it hard to build up a mum following.  My main Twitter account talks business, shares social media for business tips, and links to articles.  It just wasn’t fitting!

So, last Sunday, I decided to try again with two separate Twitter accounts.  Unfortunately, I deleted the last Life of Mum Twitter account, so am starting again from scratch in building up a following on it.  So far, not too bad!  In 5 days, I’ve built it up to nearly 50 followers, so I’d be happy if that was a constant rate of growth!!  And I feel so much more relaxed about posting mum stuff, and still share the odd blog and thought about mum life on the other Twitter account!

Hopefully this time, I’ll find the time to manage the two and make it a goer!

You can follow the new Life of Mum Twitter account at @lifeofmum.

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