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What Did Parents Do Before….?

What did parents do before

I’m sure each generation of new parents could look back at those before them and marvel at how they coped without some of the modern luxuries available to them now.  But I really do think we’ve never had as many tools as parents as we do now!

So, just what did parents do before….

  1. Google

Can you imagine a parenting world without Google?  Who would we turn to in the wee small hours of the morning with our ‘how to get my baby to sleep through’ questions?  And how could we ever decide that our baby has *insert life threatening disease* thanks to Dr Google’s symptom sorter?!

2. Parenting Forums

They may be filled with opinionated ‘my way or the highway’ parents.  But actually, I’ve found out loads of interesting and helpful stuff through parenting forums!  And sometimes, the comments on them are good for a laugh!

3. Tablets

Not the pill form (but yes, how could we live without them too!).  I’m talking iPads, Kindle, etc.  Ella LOVES the iPad.  She can’t quite stick the password in yet.  But once I’ve done that, she knows how to get on to YouTube and flick from video to video.  It’s usually Peppa Pig, animal videos, nursery rhymes (Old Macdonald being the ultimate fave), those weird surprise egg videos, or some number/word train type things.  Oh, and Mother Goose club!  I’m really having to restrict her time on it now, but it is a bit of a parenting lifesaver when you’ve got a baby too!

Siblings October

4. Car Seats

It’s so weird to imagine a time when car seats weren’t mandatory!  Like you’d just hold your baby in the passenger seat, or lay it on the back seat in a carry cot!  Madness!!  Obviously vehicles weren’t as fast and there weren’t as many of them on the road.  But still!  We are so lucky that technology has moved forwards to allow us to transport our babies, and older children, safely.

Cosatto Woop

5. Dishwashers

Remember the days of having to do the dishes!  I didn’t think I’d ever be bothered for a dishwasher.  Until I got one!  Now I can’t even imagine adding washing up to the list of other boring chores that need doing (FYI, ironing is not on that list.  There are far more important and far more fun things in life to do than ironing!).

6. Disposable and New Non-Disposable Nappies

I’m a disposable nappy user.  As such, I can’t begin to imagine the whole terry cloth nappy cleaning scenario!  Even non-disposables have come on so much, with inserts you can remove and clean, rather than the whole nappy.

7. Smartphones

Never have we ever been able to document our children growing so easily!  Imagine having to wait to get your pictures developed of your new super cute baby, only to discover they’re blurry, or the dog got in the way, or that you didn’t get quite the right angle to capture the full cuteness!  We now can take hundreds of pictures a day at no cost, and look back over years worth without printing a single one!

smartphone pictures

8. Social Media

Family and friends used to have to actually visit to see what your kids look like!  And you’d have to write birth announcement letters instead of Facebook posts!!  Imagine writing a letter to all your 457 close Facebook mates to let them know your baby just rolled over for the first time / ate its first solids / said its first word….!!!

What other things do you wonder how parents coped without in the past?

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