Why You Should Take Up Crochet!

I’ve been a crocheter now for about 4 months, and it’s really taken me by surprise!

I’m not a very crafty person (or at least I didn’t think I was!).  I don’t bake, and I definitely don’t make!  But reading a post from a fellow blogger (Emma who blogs at Raising Bears!), who is the same age as me (pushing 30!), about how she has taken up crochet and loves it, got me thinking!  I’ve always thought of things like crochet and knitting as something the older generation do.  But actually, there seems to be a load of us young ones (I’m still in my twenties ya know!  Just!!) taking up these crafts!

I’m not a big fan of the telly.  I find most programmes boring!  And I found myself sat all night with my phone in hand scrolling through different social media platforms.  Not very relaxing!  Since the start of my second pregnancy, I’ve felt a real need to relax in the evenings, so I read with interest when Emma said crochet had stopped her checking her phone as much.

I got inspired and decided I’d give it a whirl and, if it turned out I was useless or found it too boring, I’d just stop!

So, I got myself off to a local craft shop, bought a crochet hook for £1.50 and a ball of wool (which I’ve now started calling yarn like a proper crafter!) for £2.50.  The shop owner suggested I start by going on YouTube and looking at some tutorial videos.  So that I did!

I learnt a simple single crochet stitch and started stitching!  I was definitely slow at first but soon got the hang of it, and decided to carry on stitching rows until I had a scarf.  Once the yarn ran out, I joined the ends and it became a snood, which I gave to my mum for Christmas.  My first project was complete and I was hooked!!



Being pregnant, I started thinking about what I could make for baby, and thought a blanket would be an easy place to start!  So, again I jumped on YouTube and searched different blanket tutorials.  I decided to go for a neutral grey and white chevron blanket.


As Christmas was approaching, I also decided to make some Christmas bunting.  I was pretty chuffed with these, as I made them without any tutorial or pattern (apart from the snowflake!), and soon had orders in from my mum and sister for their own bunting!


Over Christmas, I made a baby hat with ears, again from a YouTube video.  Then I decided to have a go at reading a pattern!  I made these little baby boots from a pattern, and was pretty pleased with my first pattern attempt!


I was then keen to try making items of clothing!  So, I got on YouTube and found a cute cardigan that would be perfect for Ella!  It took a while, but my first item of clothing was soon complete!  I’m so chuffed with it!  And it’s a little big so she should be able to wear it next winter too!


I took orders from my sister for a headband (and ended up making myself one too!) and my mum for a beanie!


And then I thought it would be great to create something for birthday presents.  My aim now is to try and crochet something for those I’d usually give presents to for their birthday (as well as a normal present, in case they thought my crochet was crap!).

So, I made my 3 year old nephew a hoodie for his birthday.  I followed a pattern for this rather than a video, so was really pleased it worked out!  I also definitely prefer following patterns now than videos, and haven’t followed a YouTube video since!


I made this personalised baby blanket for a family newborn!


And, this cushion for our new look lounge!


And my most recent completed project is this slouch beanie for my sister-in-law for her birthday!


I don’t think any of these look old-fashioned or dated.  They’re things you’d happily buy in the shop.  So my view of such techniques being for the older generation has been transformed.

And I really am so hooked now on crochet!  I love it!  I spend time looking for new patterns, I read crochet magazines, and I’m always looking to the next person I need to make a present for and what would be good for them!

So, if like me, you’re crap at relaxing and spend too much time on social media, why not turn that time in to something more practical and definitely relaxing!  No doubt you’ll get hooked too!!!

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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Take Up Crochet!

  1. Ha ha, love this. You’re massively prolific.
    I spend my evenings blogging and on social media because that’s my free time, but try and get in some reading and crochet before bed and before getting up in the morning.

    I learnt as a child but didn’t rediscover it until 18 months ago. But in that time I’ve only finished 1 headband. I have one half done blanket that I did last winter, and this year I’m following the Sophie’s universe CAL over at Look At What I Made. It’s tricky but is going to be a huge blanket, big enough for our kingsize bed. I love it too, and there’s a load of parent bloggers do it, as well as crafty ones.

  2. These are quite fantastic! Crocheting was one of those skills I WISHED I was really good at. But alas, my patience and lack of coordination prevents me for making anything other than a blanket. And though I’d want to make my daughter a cute cardigan to wear, I think I’ll spare her and just admire your works of art instead. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Wow, you’re doing amazing for only 4 months! You’ve inspired me to stop procrastinating and get on with all the crafts I want to do! I learnt crochet 5 years ago, but I haven’t managed any for a while, I need to get back to it. 🙂 x

  4. Wow you are so talented and look at all these precious things to make. I love them and I have always loved crocheting since I was little. Making something out of nothing is such a great feeling. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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