Writing Is My Therapy

Writing is my therapy

Both girls are at their nanna’s today, as I have a couple of meetings this afternoon.

So, as I’m sat here with lots of jobs that need doing all around me, I find myself instead with my laptop on my knee and the urge to write.  It’s often the case.  There’s so much I could/should be doing, and yet instead I’m drawn to the keyboard.

I started this blog as something new to try.  I didn’t know if I’d keep it up.  And certainly, when I first started, when pregnant with Ella, I only posted every few weeks and hardly anyone other than family and friends read it!  I didn’t really know what I was doing and why I was doing it, but I knew it was something that I wanted to keep up.

Now, two and a half years down the line, I write a few times a week, and am endlessly thinking of new things I want to write about.  It’s not my profession.  I am certainly getting more wonderful opportunities through the blog, which I’m very grateful for.  But I know this is not something I want to have to commit endless hours to in promotion.  Or to think about SEO of my posts.  Or whether I’m producing the right content for my audience.

I want to keep it as it is.  My outlet.  My release.  Because that is what it has become.  Me putting my thoughts, memories, feelings, happiness, frustration, and whatever else I’m experiencing down on virtual paper.

Writing has become my therapy.  Not that I’d say that I need therapy!  But, when I’m sleep deprived, a slave to my postnatal hormones, and just a little fed up of life (as we all feel now and again), writing makes me feel better.  Even if I’m not writing about feeling like that, I still feel better after.  And when I’m in a great place, happy and buzzing with the joy of life, I want to write too!  As soon as I’ve completed a post, I myself feel that bit more ‘complete’, if that even makes any sense!

I write without thinking.  My fingers sometimes type faster than my brain thinks.  And that’s what works for me.  I often only read my posts back after I’ve hit publish, which is surely a big blogging no-no!

I’m so glad I started this blog.  It may have taken me away from other jobs that need doing (but let’s face it, will either get done at some point or are just not that important!).  It has given me the release I needed.  And of course, I get to look back over my memories, my life over the last couple of years, those years that can pass by in a blur of sleepless nights, and remember the good times and the not so good.

I guess I wanted to write this to acknowledge what writing is to me, and maybe, if you don’t already, to encourage others to write as a release.  Be it in your own personal diary.  A blog for the world to see.  Long form Facebook posts.  Or whatever means works for you.  I urge you to give it a go!

And it helps, of course, when you have such beautiful young people to write about…


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  1. It’s great to use writing as therapy I often think that myself and ignore the washing and everything else I need to do around me too. Keep it up you have a lovely blog and those kiddos are adorable. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me and I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

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